Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pasta's Daily Bread

If you've never had it, you should probably go now. Pasta's stretch bread along with their spicy hot tomato oil is without a doubt one of my favorite foods to eat in Syracuse. My typically reaction after my first bite is usually not of how amazing it is (and it is amazing), but why on Earth I had to wait so long between my this and my last visit.

You can find these two delectable things, as well as other goodies like raisin pecan bread, foccacias, cheeses, homemade pastas and sauces at Pasta's Daily Bread in Armory Square, located across the street from Pastabilities.

Bonus: I've got chunks of day-old stretch bread in the freezer stored for the next time I want to make croutons.

Double Bonus: I've also found that their spicy tomato oil is an excellent addition for pizza sauce.

More info on hours, location, and menu can be found on their website at

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