Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 5 Places to Stay Warm During The Winter

For a city that averages 120 inches of snow every year, and has won the Golden Snowball award for 5 consecutive years in a row now, we Syracusans sometimes need to find comfort indoors during the cold months. And what better way than embracing the winter with good food. The following are the top 5 places to stay warm and watch the snowfall during the always snowy Syracuse winters.

Jambalaya & lobster BLT from The Blue Tusk.

1) Freedom of Espresso: 115 Solar St, Ste 101, Syracuse, NY
It's hard to imagine a more picturesque spot during the wintertime than at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square. Situated on the corner of Plum and Solar Streets, settle on a comfy couch with a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate, use some free wi-fi, all while overlooking beautiful Franklin Square Park. You may come to find all the troubles outside melting away. (And their location on Pearl Street should not go unnoticed either).
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2) Eva's European Sweets: 1305 Milton Ave, Syracuse, NY
Stay warm here in this cozy restaurant with excellent, home style comfort food. Indulge in large portions of dessert and Polish delicasies like golabkies, pierogies, and hunters stew with a view of a snowy Milton Ave.
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3) L'adour: 110 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY
Located in the Courier building near City Hall right outside of Hanover Square, L'adour is casual and elegant inside, and it's an excellent place for a romantic dinner on a winter evening. Brunch should not unnoticed either with offerings such as crepes, Belgian Waffles, French cheeses, smoked salmon, and Quiche.
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4) Saratoga Steaks and Seafood: 200 Waring Rd, Syracuse, NY
Located south east of the SU campus at Tecumseh Golf Club, Saratoga Steaks and Seafood provides a cozy, ski lodge-esque ambiance. Sip some wine, enjoy crab cakes, splurge on lobster tail, or get arguably some of the best steak in town near their comfortable, wood burning fireplace.
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5) Alto Cinco: 526 Westcott St, Syracuse, NY
Alto Cinco can get cramped when school is in session with or without the snow on Westcott Street, but huddle up and stay warm next to people in this small and yet lively Mexican restaurant with veggie-style burritos, spicy jalapeno cornbread, and fresh salsa and chips. Did I mention jalapeno cornbread?
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Honorable Mention
The Blue Tusk: 165 Walton Street, Syracuse, NY
With 69 beers on tap and creative bar food such as a lobster BLT, portabella and goat cheese quesadilla, and cherry peppers stuffed with proscuitto and provolone cheese, Blue Tusk is an upbeat spot to sit down and relax with good beer, food, and music. Inside you'll get a nice view of the snowfall too with large and expansive windows that overlook Walton Street in Armory Square.
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Robert said...

Thanks for mentioning Tusk. There are a number of wonderful places to eat, drink and watch the snow fall in Armory Square.

PamelaSD said...

We are visiting Syracuse between Christmas and New Year to shop and see the exhibit. Looking for help in choosing includes a child with severe food allergies. I could really use your help and insight. Please email me if you can help