Thursday, May 19, 2011

Updates and Flickr

Hang in there. I'll try to get some new reviews up here soon. I've been having semi-serious sinus issues (say that 5 times fast) over the last couple of weeks, which has moderately affected both my sense of smell and taste. Kind of crucial when you run a food blog. Until then, I'll be putting up a few different non-review posts over the next week or so. I'll get some new restaurant reviews up soon after.

Vegetarian flatbread at Kitty Hoynes

Grilled steak tacos with salsa and guacamole at Tacolicious

Spinach and roasted red pepper pizza from NY Gianni's Bronx Style Pizza

To see more pictures of various Syracuse restaurants, view Pulled Into Syracuse's photostream on Flickr. As always, you can follow Pulled Into Syracuse on Facebook and on Twitter at @pulledintocuse.

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