Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clark's Ale House Update

It's official. Clark's Ale House will be closing. Spread the word and consume as many roast beef sandwiches, smoked gouda cheese plates, and pickled eggs as you can before Saturday, September 25th.


Jim Johnson said...

I think I need a hug :(

Josef Lorenz said...

funny because when my friends and i were there last night, we read the note as saying it would close in sept of 2012. i didn't think anything of it until i read it again this morning (and remembered that many people there were buying t-shirts). i suppose that's what several $2 genny cream ale's will do to your thinking.

i'd like to believe that i'm still reading it wrong. but it does jive with this recent article.

asdf said...

Unbelievable, who the hell even goes to the Landmark, anyways? It seems to me that Syracuse residents are just clinging to the symbol of past Syracuse glory that is now faded, useless and located on an absolutely terrifying street.