Monday, June 21, 2010

Site Redesign & Lao

I'll be changing some things around on the website over the next several days, so bear with me in the meantime. I realize I've been incognito as of late, but I'm hoping to get things a little more organized and clean up the layout a bit before adding any more reviews.

Whilst doing this, I'll also be eating Lao Village take out. HTML and Thai food are an amazing combo.

Above is the vegetable tempura served and sweet chili sauce (a thin consistancy and a taste similar to duck sauce). I love tempura. This was delicious and a very large portion for $5.50. I also had the red curry with shrimp...

The curry was great: a perfectly spicy and flavorful coconut and curry sauce with tender veggies and large shrimp (they're in there somewhere). Every time I go to Lao Village, I get more and more impressed. Such tasty and spicy food.


Anonymous said...

josef how haven't found the best mexican in syracuse? go to boom boom its cheap and its also byob.also review namu for they're an up and coming restaurant. there is a great greek place on the corner of park and oak st, called either flora's or rosita's. taste of philly on the north side will fill you up. p.o.'s deli has great deal everyday on food. or rico's for italian. even 5 guys opened up do a chain restaurant.

Josef Lorenz said...

thanks for the tips on restaurants, justin. i've been meaning to check out taste of phily for a while. hopefully i'll get over there soon.

i try to keep the reviews within the city of syracuse (there's reviewers who do the suburbs, but i try to stay clear) and also by not reviewing chains, as i think there are better local places in just about all instances.

i wasn't really impressed on my visit to boom boom mex mex last year, honestly. i'd go back if i was in the area again, but i pretty much go to alto cinco, ponchito's, or the mission for my mexican crave in these parts.