Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 5 Things To Do Downtown Before, During, and After the Clinton Square Tree Lighting

The 7th Annual Holiday Magic in the Square is this Friday, but certainly don't let that be the ONLY thing you do while you're downtown. Support your downtown businesses and put some much needed money into the local economy!

Listen: At just a short walk from the Clinton Square festivities, the Chittenango High School Choir will be performing for free at Hanover Square from 7:30 PM to 8 PM on Friday evening. Hot chocolate, coffee, and tea will be offered. More info here.

Skate: In what has grown into one of Syracuse's best destinations, the Clinton Square ice skating rink will officially open on Friday. Though, if you want to avoid the masses of people, I'd advise going skating the day after the tree lighting. More info here.

Sights: Free horse drawn trolley tours in Armory Square. To liven this holiday season with fun, hospitality and a respite from the usual hustle and bustle, Armory Square Association is again inviting families to  enjoy an historic ride through the Square and then relax for refreshments in the beautiful lobby of the Jefferson Clinton Hotel. Tours begin at noon on Saturday, the 29th at run until 3 PM every Saturday through December 20th. More info here.

Eats: Before the festivities, take your loved one out to a romantic dinner and enjoy some French cuisine at L'Adour. Too much? Then head a few blocks south to Clark's Ale House and enjoy some pickled eggs, a hot roast beef sandwich, or some smoked gouda cheese with a Saranac root beer or a Woodchuck Amber Cider - both on tap. Not exactly that romantic dinner, but enough to warm your soul on a chilly night.

Drinks: Happy Hour at Mully's in Armory Square kicks off at 5:30 PM on Fridays - Free pizza, sandwiches, and wings. And a heads up, for those people still wishing for a downtown baseball stadium, check out the framed picture hanging on the wall near the bar for a sketch of what could have been Syracuse's beautiful, pedestrian-friendly baseball stadium.

Honorable mention: Though not technically "Downtown", an 8 minute walk from Clinton Square to Franklin Square and you'll wind up at Freedom of Espresso. Enjoy a tasty hot chocolate or an espresso and relax with a significant other in the park just outside. (Is there anything more picturesque than sipping some hot chocolate while sitting on a bench at Franklin Square Park on a winter evening? Me thinks not).

Other suggestions? Feel free to list them in the comments section.

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