Friday, May 11, 2012


I had crawfish for the first time last weekend at the Crawfish Fest in Clinton Square. They've always kind of freaked me out because it basically looks like people are eating really large red insects, but I figured it was about time to give them a shot for real ("Shot for real" meaning NOT at a Chinese buffet).

Overall, I was surprised at how good they were. Fairly spicy and flavorful. They don't necessarily taste like catfish, but they're within that same kind of realm. And yes, I went so far as to suck the heads out. It looks gross as all hell in there and I'll refrain from posting a picture online, but there was actually a ton of flavor inside.

Crawdads aren't something I'd normally seek out - even after trying them now. It strikes me as more of a novelty thing when they're by themselves. It was a nice little appetizer though (split 3-ways between a few of my buddies). The corn and potato were fine, but the boiled garlic was awesome and nice to pick at after the meal was over.

I'd get them again, but have no problem waiting until next year to do so. 'Til then, sign me up as a shrimp lover and a crawfish liker.

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