Friday, November 19, 2010

Restaurant News

After opening in 1970's, King David's on Marshal Street looks like it will definitely be moving in order to make way for Chipotle Mexican Grill.

It's a little overdue, but Columbus Bakery Co has a recipe for hoagie dip on their facebook page, which sounds like a great idea for tailgating or a party.

I love when restaurants put recipes online. I plan on making green enchiladas from Casa Romero very soon. But I especially love how when I first started this blog (early 2008?), I could hardly find any information online about a very well-known yet small, local place like Columbus Bakery. And now with more and more restaurants moving onto Facebook, we can get neat things like this straight from the owners as well as pictures and any other information or helpful updates. It makes that interaction between customer and store seem that much closer.

Two Downtown restaurants are expanding hours: Darwin will be open on Saturdays beginning November 27th and Nikos Pasta Pizza & Deli in Hanover Square will be open Wednesday to Saturday nights within the next week or so. Both would make a great stop before or after Ice Skating at Clinton Square.

Tacolicious, a new taco restaurant located at 308 S Warren Street, held their red carpet event on Thursday, November 18th. Menu link is available here.

Prime Steak House, Hanover Square's newest restaurant, will be opening tonight, Friday, November 19th. At least just the bar section. Haven't heard anything about the actual restaurant section yet, but I'd assume it's very soon.

And finally, Nathan Mattise of Diners Without Frosted Tips has some pictures of what Doc's Little Gem Diner is looking like lately (along with a nice slide show of abandoned diners along NY-17 heading towards NYC).

I make that drive a few times a year on my way to New Jersey and it's easy to notice the old rest stops and boarded up diners along the way (the Red Apple Rest comes to mind). Albeit coming to a close, it's a nice drive to make in the fall and you can beat the views of the foliage.

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It's great restaurant news to hear that Darwin is extending their hours. Not to mention, Tacoliscious sounds amazing I must check it out!