Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekend Happenings & General Updates

Plenty of things going on in the city this weekend and over the next couple of weeks to keep busy...

- Obviously, the end of summer means that it's almost State Fair time. The most glorious time of the year. It's too bad the Fair isn't technically within the city limits because I would love to do a huge food review for it. And I've always thought it would be cool if a site had some kind of interactive food map (where to find Gianelli sausage, curly fries, deep fried oysters, cheapest beer, etc...). Coincidentally, it looks like they are actually working on a "food finder" for the website.

- Friday and Saturday, August 20th and 21st are the dates for the 7th Annual Great Chicken Wing Festival at the Inner Harbor. The event will feature music, a cornhole tournament, and of course, wings and food from local restaurants like OIP, Shifty's, Caribbean King, and Gannons Isle. It's kind of lame that several wing participants are chains (Quaker Steak, Buffalo Wild Wings, Pizza Hut, Price Chopper...). Hopefully the local participants mop the floor with them.

- The Downtown Farmers Market (located at Clinton Square) runs every Tuesday from 7 AM to 4 PM and will continue until 10/12. The market has been great, especially when you're one lucky s.o.b. who lives a block away.

And some non-food related events...

- Hanover Squares, based on the Hollywood Squares game show, takes place at 7 PM in Hanover Square on Friday, August 20th. The event will feature local celebrities and 8 teams competing for a grand prize.

- Although it opened today, Urban Outfitters will have its grand opening event on Friday, August 20th from 6 PM to 8 PM. Cost is free and will feature live music.

Has anyone else noticed that Armory Square essentially seems like the new center of the city lately?

- And for what it's worth, Benjamin's on Franklin will open soon (located at the former Ohm spot on Franklin Street in Armory Square). I don't know if they will have food or not, but it should be nice to have that location up and running again. I'm a big fan of the open, outdoor seating area in the center of the building.

That's pretty much everything. Watch out, Utica! Syracuse is a city on the... grow!

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asdf said...

I'd like to know just who the downtown farmer's market is trying to appeal to? It runs the entire time people are at work so if you work normal hours outside of the city, you're shit out of luck. I live a couple blocks away but I can't go unless I take off work?