Monday, August 30, 2010

Man v. Food Airs This Wednesday

Don't miss the all-new episode of Man v. Food this Wednesday, September 1st at 9 PM on the Travel Channel where host Adam Richman visits Syracuse. Adam makes a stop at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Heid's (of Liverpool fame), and Mother's Cupboard Fish Fry & Diner for the "Frittata Challenge".

I'm very excited about this and it'll be cool to see the local restaurant scene getting some huge publicity. Don't miss it!

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administrator said...

I have many fond memories of this quirky unique place like -no mayo on roast beef and 7$ rasberry beer.But most of them revolve around the only time that place would come out of its shell when there would be a concert at the landmark...But My BS detector went off about all this "boo hoo they are being put out on the street" First of all we are in a bad recession ..many bars in the surrounding area went out last year...that also means that plenty of local places are for rent.rents are too high in syracuse due to highest per capita property taxes in the country [check it on google if you doubt it].Maybe he had sweetheart lease that got jacked ?landmark is hurting cause it is run like mausoleum for politically correct suburban fundraisers.They always need money.No concerts =no money making for clarks.poor attendance at concerts due to economy=no $ for clarks.But still we can surmise that rents will only go up when economy recovers.So that means its a great time to relocate if you have a profitable business.That is the " If "that set off the B.S. detector !.The first thing I thought is he wants out of a $ losing business.I live in AS and that place never does that much business .All summer he starves because of all the outdoor partys.almost no festivals in Clinton square either.The bar crowd in AS is all college kids despite the spin the city tries to put on it.Hmm let see what things CAH has Dance music? rock music? any music? live music? wifi? SU game on widescreen? cheap beer? hot bairmaids?.i do recall alot of puzzle games and wall street journals though like a retirement home.This place doesn't appeal to the 89% college crowd.So should there be a place for older to go? yes! there should but THEY DONT GO OUT !!!What they do is sit in north syracuse and every time something like this happens they use it as more of a excuse to go to applbees then they whine about it LOL.this is everywhere not just syracuse it just shows more here because of the 70% suburban population.there is no concidence that all the upscale joints like ambrosia went out .Q? which college ber pub went under? PJ s ? Suds Factory? Bar? hmmm why is that? because they cater to 20-30 yr old .So if I am wrong he will easily find another location and maybe he will find a area like skaneatles where the demographics can support something that is different Ever hear Rush -subdivision lyric "be cool or be cast out" non conformists alway have it tough especially in a blue collar town.sorry to see you go !