Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Site Updates

You can now check out Pulled Into Syracuse on Facebook, view the Photostream on Flickr, read via RSS, and follow through Twitter. I'll put some links along the side of the ol' blog when I figure out what I'm actually doing for the redesign.

All of this "technology" really came out of nowhere. Where was all of this stuff like 5 years ago?


Elena said...

hi! where would you recommend to go for a graduation celebration dinner? It can be of any cuisine--I've been trying to look into choices that would be not be overly crowded due to graduation/I could possibly make a reservation.

I only recently discovered your blog in pursuit of looking for something different (places that only locals would know about). And I must thank you for everything because your reviews have sent me in the right direction :) I haven't explored to other restaurants (I've been to the more widely known ones), and any help is greatly appreciated!

Josef Lorenz said...

thanks for the compliments! a few that i've been to that i'd recommend...

- tokyo seoul (japanese, sushi)
- asti caffe (italian). make reservations in advance.
- lemon grass (thai). make reservations in advance.
- kitty hoynes (irish)

and a few that i have not eaten at that i'd look into...

- danzer's (german). not sure what the environment is like.
- gentile's (italian). small and not sure about reservations.
- opus (new american). also small, but it never seems overly crowded.

hope some of these help and good luck!