Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Local links and weekend happenings

Real Ale Fest kicks off at Clark's Ale House this weekend, 4 PM to Midnight on Friday, April 30th and Noon to Midnight on Saturday, May 1st. The event will feature 18 kegs of real ale from Brooklyn, Empire, Fuller's, Ithaca, Landmark and Middle ages, to name a few.

Via the storefront blog, here's some info regarding restaurants around Clinton Square, including Byblos Mediterranean Cafe, which opened on Monday and serves Lebanese cuisine.

Never had Lebanese food before, but I will check this place out. And I do love how new places are moving into the Clinton Square area.

Pretty cool video on on how to cook and eat bullheads.

I was at Jim's Fish Fry last week and while walking in noticed a sign that said they're now serving bullheads. I guess I'm just finding out that bullheads are a spring tradition here in Central New York.

Eat First, an excellent local food blog, offers some thoughts on DiLauro's Bakery and its luna, a what could be lesser-known regional delicacy.

In case you didn't know, DiLauro's bread is awesome. Go right now.

And lastly, here's an article from 9 WSYR about the economic improvement of the local restaurant business. Always good news.

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