Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Cleanup Effort

The Sweet 16 and Elite 8 tournaments come to town and the city is asking residents to help volunteer to clean up before the basketball crowds roll in. Organized cleanups are set for this Saturday and will take place at...

- 8:30 AM at the parking lot at Erie Boulevard E, S Warren and James streets
- 8:30 AM at Forman Park across from the Renaissance Hotel
- 9 AM at the VA Medical Center, University and Irving avenues
- 9:30 AM at the Museum of Science and Technology, Jefferson St lawn
- 9:30 AM at E Adams St and University Ave
- 10 AM at Harrison St and University Ave
- 10 AM at Harrison Pl between E Adams and Harrison streets
- 10:30 AM at Walnut Park, Walnut Pl and Waverly Ave

Equipment, juice, and snacks will be provided. Lunch will be available to volunteers at Varsity Pizza and J. Ryan's after the cleanup. More info is available here.

Is it so hard for the city to organize something like this every spring instead of doing it only when visitors are in? Sigh...

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