Thursday, January 14, 2010

Survey Results and Thoughts

Thanks again to those who filled it out the survey. It's a small sample size to get legit feedback one way or the other from, but here's some data that was collected...

- 53.5% of the readers are between the ages of 22-29
- 66.7% think the reviews are honest and clear
- 53.5% live outside of the city of Syracuse
- 42.9% think there should be more photos (I agree!)
- 66.7% think there needs to be more reviews per month (I also agree!)
- 28.6% would like to see a message board or forum

A few people also commented that chains should not be reviewed.

I agree with this too, but I always thought it would be funny to do reviews of places like McDonald's and try to make an objective review of them. But all and all, chains do not give a proper representation of a local dining scene. Plus, as far as reviewing is concerned, that void seems to already be taken care of right here in Central New York.

(oh snaaaap).

For now, the only changes that I'll be making to the blog are trying to take more pictures, attempting to put up more reviews, and perhaps adding a twitter feed. Mainly because with twitter it would be easier to write a one or two sentence thought about a place that I wasn't reviewing rather than stretching a thought out on a whole new blog post.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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