Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random News, Random Thoughts, Ect...

Kitty Hoynes will host a presentation and a 5-course dinner featuring the beers of Harpoon Brewery on Tuesday, January 26th at 6:30 PM.

Just tried Harpoon's Celtic Ale the other night - I'm a fan.

Ticket's are $45 and more information is available at and at the official Kitty Hoynes website.

Big news regarding Clark's Ale House: The Landmark Theater will need the space when Clark's lease expires in 2012, so they'll be relocating to a new location that summer or fall.

And the countdown to see how many roast beef sandwiches and smoked gouda cheese plates I can eat between now and then has begun.

I walked by the old Dante location on Walton Street (Downtown's former tapas bar and Spanish restaurant) and it seems like there is some remodeling going on inside. But no indication of what is actually going in. The windows do still say "Dante" on them, so who knows.

Speaking of tapas, here's an interesting article on developments of a new tapas restaurant and bar in the Hawley Green District.

Lastly, I recently helped out AdaptCNY clean out some buildings on West Fayette Street in Downtown. Interesting to see what was there prior: one building was a huge, two-story tiki bar and lounge and the other seemed like a dance club and restaurant. Both looked like they hadn't been opened or cleaned since the early to mid 90's. Hopefully the next business venture that ends up there has a much better fate.

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Jim Johnson said...

Clark's is moving? Balls to that, I love that place. I plan on eating my weight in roast beef sandwiches there before 2012.

The two-story tiki bar... Did that used to be McMonkey's? I got my nose broken while sitting behind the wheel of my car when I was in college. Strangely enough, I was never quite the fan of that place.