Friday, January 29, 2010

Downtown Dining Week and Winterfest

Don't forget to mark your calendars for both Downtown Dining Week and Winterfest.

It was great to see that Dining Week was successful last year - even getting expanded an extra 2 weeks. This year, the event will run Monday, February 15th to Saturday, February 27th. Just a sample of the participating restaurants include Black Olive, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, J Ryan's, Lemon Grass, Syracuse Suds Factory and Wise Guys Comedy Club. The selected restaurants will offer three courses for $25 or less. More information will be posted at when it becomes available.

Also, the 25th Anniversary Winterfest will be February 11th to the 21st. There's tons of things to do for people of all ages including a few food-related activities like cook-offs and cocktail competitions. Last year's winners include OC's Bar & Grill for best entree, PJ's Pub & Grill for best appetizer, Water Street Cafe for best dessert and Empire Brewing Co winning the Burger Bounce, Martini, and Cosmopolitan mix-off competitions. More information is available at the official Winterfest website.

I just missed the chili cook-off last year. I'm hoping I get a chance to check it out this time.


Sir Isaac said...

My wife, my best friend, and my sister went to La'Doure downtown on Friday night because it was dinning downtown week. They have little stand up cards on the table advertising Syracuse Dining Downtown for 25$ or less, yet the menu handed to us for this event marked La'Doure's price @ 35$. Whats up with that? And the service for the first time was absolutely terrible, we had to ask for the bottle of wine we ordered nearly 15 minutes after we ordered it, same for coffee we ordered at the end. Overall french food here is great, but when we expect 25$ for an Syracuse dining event, see it advertised right on the table as 25$ or less, and then are presented with a menu posting the price as 35$

Amanda said...

dude, downtown dining week started today, NOT on friday... you were a few days too early.

Josef Lorenz said...

yes, dining week started on monday, february 15th. i believe you confused dining week with l'adour's prix fixe menu that they have as an option for dinner.