Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss Syracuse Diner Clo... Reopened

I haven't been down in the area in a little while, but the Miss Syracuse Diner has apparently reopened after closing for a short period of time in October and November.

No details yet on its hours or if anything has changed from my initial review, but I do have some suggestions on what could be changed...

- Stay open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Give the Armory and Hanover Square crowds an excuse to stay Downtown.

- I think the exterior could use more neon or lighting. No need to add anything overly tacky - especially with City Hall right there, but right now the diner is a bit inconspicuous.

- Change the menu. Cater towards lunch crowd with wraps, sandwiches, and soups and cater towards the late night crowd with a Denny's-esque style menu.

- Put a Garbage Plate on the menu (or maybe introduce a Syracuse version with Grandma Brown's, Hofmann hot dogs or Gianelli Sausage).


Jim Johnson said...

I really wish they would close that shithole that is Pinocchio's on Warren St. and do something like this. Or at least a good wrap/sandwich/soup/salad place for the downtown crowd. Panini's is good, but it's kind of on the outskirts and it's somewhat of a hike, especially in the cold. And MAN, a place serving a garbage plate clone would be phenominal.

But seriously, the most horrific dining experience of my life was at Pinocchio's. They've got a sweet location, it's too bad it's not occupied by a better place.

Josef Lorenz said...

ha. good to know. checked out the streetview on googlemaps and it seems like a nice little location though.

Jim Johnson said...

The last time I went there was a pretty funny story.

We give our order to the lady at the register whois coughing, sniffling, wiping her nose; she's blatantly very sick. We think, "well, at least she's just taking orders and not making food." Plus, we'd ordered burgers, which were made by the guy in the back. The person after me ordered some kind of hot sandwich, which, to our horror, she then went to prepare herself. I'm assuming that guy had to blow several sick days later in the week.

So we had a seat to wait for our food and avoid the contamination zone. Ten minutes later, she walks out with a plate of food and asks who ordered the cheeseburger. I, having ordered a Texas Burger (BBQ sauce, tumbleweed onions, pepperjack cheese), said nothing. After no one replied, she looked at me and asked if I had the cheeseburger. I told her I ordered a Texas Burger. She says "oh", turns around, takes two steps, stops, pauses for several seconds, turns back around, walks over, plops it in front of me and says "This is a Texas Burger," and walks off. I'm far too dumbfounded to offer any kind of response. My friend and I are just staring wide-eyed at each other with the "Did that just really happen?" expression.

So I just ate it. Well, I ate half of it. The inside was ridiculously undercooked and the core was raw. At that point, I just wanted to get out there before something horrible happened to me.

Yeah. I don't dig Pinocchio's.