Monday, October 5, 2009

Restaurant Closings: Dante & Goodfella's Pizzeria

According to the dining forum, Dante has closed. Also, I haven't been Downtown in a week or so, but a friend of mine has informed me that Goodfella's Pizzeria has closed as well.

Strange. Two more Armory Square places. And it adds to the growing list of places calling it quits: Pascale (as of January 2010), Ambrosia, Ohm, RazzBarry... though it isn't all bad news - Urban Outfitters plans a move to Walton Street soon. At any rate, I don't know if this is all due to the economy, high rents and taxes, or just a coincidence, but it's a shame none the less.

I suppose this is one of the more difficult things in running a dining blog: seeing restaurants and people you like go away.


Jim Johnson said...

I've heard wonderful things about Dante's but never got around to eating there. That's a shame.

As for Goodfellas, never bothered. Unless a place does something really neat (Nick's, Trapper's, etc), a pizza place is a pizza place. One closes, three more open up.

JoeBass123 said...

true true. i will miss goodfella's ungodly huge slices though. but they didn't have anything in terms of selection. and really only did business at night whenever nick's was too crowded.