Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pascale Wine Bar & Restaurant To Leave Downtown

Per the CNY Business Journal, Pascale Wine & Bar Restaurant plans to move to 104 Limestone Plaza in Fayetteville during the first quarter of 2010.

I'd like to get over there again soon before they move. Despite me being extremely picky on my review, I had a nice meal. It's a shame they have to move out of Downtown, but I suppose there is nothing you can do. I like the location and should hope that something will likely move into that spot at some point.

If I had the money, my pipe dream of an idea would consist of: overhauling the decor, changing the exterior windows to make the interior a bit more visible, and start an upscale, seafood restaurant with a raw bar.


Jim Johnson said...

Yeah man, I read this today. It's concerning seeing the sudden vacancies (voluntary and not) in Armory Square. I hope some new places can come in and make it work down there.

Matt said...

From the Business Journal article:
"He also feels the public is more sensitive to DWI laws, and residents from the suburban communities are "somewhat reluctant" to drive downtown during the week."

Sounds like Pascale is saying he wants to cater to a crowd that would rather drive drunk in its own neighborhood than risk getting arrested in the city. Disgraceful. Count me as someone who won't patronize his new establishment.