Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bistro Elephant To Change Menu

Via, Bistro Elephant plans to change its Asian-style menu to a steakhouse with offerings such as dry-aged steak, Kobe beef, Berkshire pork and lobster tail.

As a seafood lover, can I just say that it's nice to see lobster on the menu? Hard to find this Downtown.

I've never been there, but I think the menu switch is a good call for them. No sense in having two restaurants right next to each other that both have an Asian-influenced menu. Also, I'm wondering if this is a response to the upcoming departure of Pascale. It probably only makes sense for Elephant to switch to something a bit more American and traditional, now that there will soon be an opening for it in the Armory Square district.


Owen O'Neill said...

Max has changed the menu, pricing structure and overall concept of Elephant on several occasion since it first opened as Bistro 238 (or some such name). Smart move as far as I'm concerned and I think the Pascal departure certainly may be a part of it but also note that Prime is now closed. The leaves a little gap for those folks who hanker for a cut of Prime grade beef or some Kobe.

Jim Johnson said...

Good change, definitely.

I've never been to Bistro Elephant, but I've beent to their site many, many times to marvel at the menu and the food gallery.

I don't know how well they do at marketing their restaurant. Everyone's heard of the Lemon Grass, but I know of almost no one who has ever heard of Bistro Elephant. Frankly, I probably wouldn't even know of it if I didn't frequent the Blue Tusk right next door. I'm not even sure how you get in the place; whether they have a door in the alley or if you use the same door as the Lemon Grass. They could do a much better job of getting the restaurant's name out there.

Anyway, I definitely intend on checking this out at some point.