Friday, March 6, 2009

Syracuse Dining Week a Success

The following blog post gives some information about last month's Syracuse Dining Week (which for good reasons, was extended for two weeks this year). Overall, it was a success for downtown drawing more than 25,000 people to 17 restaurants. Some interesting statistics include 65% of the Dining Week participants coming from outside of the city limits, 24% coming from outside of Onondaga County, and 98% responded by saying that their dining experience was excellent or good.

I forgot to fill out the survey after my meal at Pastabilities. I'd say that it was "good". I had a glass of Capasaldo Pinot Grigio, the Sonoma Caesar Salad with sun dried tomatoes, Spinach Ravioli, and a chocolate dessert which the name escapes me. Not a bad deal for $25.

Also mentioned in the blog post are a few tidbits on two new restaurants opening up in Armory Square: The Black Olive, downtown's first Mediterranean restaurant, will specialize in Greek, Moroccan, Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisines, and Fresco Tortillas Grill, which will open on March 16th at the former Movino Pizza location.

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