Sunday, January 18, 2009

Syracuse's Neighborhoods

I've reorganized the neighborhood information in some of the reviews. I'll try to stick to the 26 official neighborhood designations as closely as I can. For what it's worth, most locals do not say "Salt Springs" or "Near Northeast" when describing where a specific restaurant is located. But since one of the the main purposes behind this blog is to get residents and non-residents familiar with the city, I think it only makes sense to handle the neighborhood locations as accurately as possible. And personally, I feel it doesn't help the city's already tainted image if we keep blanketing neighborhoods so generally. For example, if there's a crime on the city's Northside, suddenly everything north of 690 is unsafe (it isn't) or when the same thing happens on the Westside, every street west of Armory Square is dangerous (they aren't). But I suppose all of that is for another conversation on a different blog...

Also, I realize my updates have become infrequent as of late. I've been having some teeth issues (which has made food taste not as flavorful). It should be taken care of soon and then I can get back in the groove of writing reviews.

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