Thursday, October 23, 2008

Syracuse New Times Readers Poll Winners

Syracuse New Times has released its 2008 "Best of Syracuse" readers poll winners.

Award winners in the city include...

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: King David's Restaurant
Best Draft Beer Selection: Blue Tusk
Best Barbecue: Dinosaur Bar B Que
Best Cheap Eats: Stella's Diner
Best Fresh Bread: Columbus Baking Co
Best Soup: Brooklyn Pickle

Click here to see the entire list.

I'll be doing "best [insert food topic here] in syracuse" blog posts once I get around to having enough reviews finished. For example: Best Pizza, Best Chicken Wings, etc... At the pace that I'm currently adding reviews, those posts will not be up until the Spring of '09 at the earliest.


Amanda said...

I REALLY hate the New Times - you're SO mocking me by posting this.

Seriously, some of their choices make my insides cry.

Bob and Tia said...

Hey Joe,

Who's the main competition for Dinosaur in Syracuse?

I'm fairly certain they win best BBQ in Rochester in both City Newspaper and Insider's free publications, and I agree completely (I have a file on my thumb drive where I rate ribs of various BBQ joints on different criteria, anal I know...).

There is very good competition here from a place called Beale Street Cafe and some of the best sauce in town (including a cherry enhanced BBQ sauce) comes from a place called Sticky Lips on Culver Rd.

JoeBass123 said...

personally, i have no clue as to what dino's comp would be.

i've heard limp lizard ( has better ribs than dino's and sal's birdland ( - with a location in rochester) technically does more wings, serves decent pulled pork from what i understand. there is very little bbq in syracuse though. possibly because dinosaur has a well deserved monopoly on the cuisine in syracuse.

"cafe q" supposedly has awesome bbq. it's basically some guy who sets up a big grill and a tent and serves up bbq and soul food by the roadside near the corner of university and fayette streets. i drove by it randomly one day and thought it was really awesome (and random?). definitely a hidden gem that i plan on reviewing sometime. though, i doubt he's out there in the winter...